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Studying in London

Studying in London

The London Dramatic Academy is located at 23 Kensington Square, in one of the most charming areas of London. Centrally located, near museums such as the Victoria and Albert, the Science, and the Natural History, LDA shares its premises with Heythrop College, the philosophy and religion school of the University of London. We have large studios, a library, and smaller rooms for tutorial work. Fordham business and liberal arts students have programs and classes at the London Centre and we share events and activities when appropriate. We are five minutes from the High Street Kensington underground station. Our full-time academic coordinator and office staff are on site to oversee housing, orientation, counseling, events, and activities for all students.

Living In London
Due to the full timetable, Fordham reserves housing for London Dramatic Academy students within a few minutes walk from Kensington Square, in a centrally located neighborhood. The premises have numerous flats with a living/dining room, two or three shared bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bath or shower room. Students live two students to a room, sharing with another LDA student. Students have access to the cafeteria on site at Heythrop College as well as to many supermarkets nearby to the student accommodation and the University.

This week at LDA (29th September-3rd October 2014)
"Last Tuesday, Kathryn told us about Laban’s planes of movement. Although I worked on Laban before, I knew very little about his work. I talk about this moment because it was when I realized the full extent of knowledge I receive here. I can use Laban to create a tempo for my character. I had this realization because LDA focuses on in depth process. Each class provides full length knowledge on something I can use anytime within the future. Learning the full extent of this exercise allows me to dive into my character."
- Aja Singletary
(current LDA student)

This week at LDA (22nd-26th September 2014)

"As week four winds down we can see how far we have come, but also how far we still have to go. We are entering a level of difficulty and specificity that requires not only a talented, but also a smart actor.

The professors are beginning to push us harder to better ourselves and our performances: What do the words tell you about your character? Dig deeper in the text! Why would they use that word? Put an element of feathers into that creature! What does the alignment of the spine tell you about their physicality and personality? All of these queries and demands are helping us to further understand what it means to be an intelligent artist. Actors are not just performers, they are also highly skilled interpretive machines that leave no stone unturned, especially at LDA."

- Declan Meagher
(Current LDA Student)

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