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Health Insurance Information

Important 2014-15 Student Health Insurance Information

At the beginning of each Fall semester (and at the beginning of other semesters for first-time new incoming students), international students are REQUIRED to complete an on-line Insurance Registration Process to confirm or waive the Student Health Insurance.  The health insurance plan details can be found here.  The Insurance Registration Process for school year 2014-15 must be completed by September 19, 2014  -Deadline for Fall 2014! 

In addition to completing the Insurance Registration requirement, the Communications Center & Marketplace is a place to which you can go to obtain important insurance informations, link to Provider and Pharmacy Networks, or discover other voluntary insurance and discount products like dental, vision, personal property, and outbound international travel coverage.

The SECURE Insurance Registration process will take you down one of two paths: 

Provide details of your personal insurance coverage to initiate your waiver request.





Confirm enrollment in the Student Insurance Plan to gain immediate access to your Insurance ID card and Plan documents.

When you begin the process, if you will be requesting a waiver, have your other insurance information in front of you. If you will be purchasing the Fordham Insurance Plan for your dependents, have your bank checking or credit card information available (student premiums will be applied to your student account but dependent premiums must be paid to the plan administrator at the time of enrollment.)

*The online Registration process for Enrollment and for Waiver Requests is set up by the Insurance Company!  If the online process is not open yet at the time that you check, please check back for updates.  (New Students cannot submit this until they arrive in NY and check-in at the OIS).


Fordham University is concerned about the health of our students and the high cost of medical care.  As such, we require all our F-1 and J-1 international students to carry some form of medical insurance.  All these registered students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Insurance Plan for the semester (fall and spring) or for Graduate School of Business, each trimester (fall, spring and summer) for which you are registered or maintaining matriculation. The cost of insurance is automatically charged to your student account.

If you wish to use Fordham's Health Insurance plan (for which you are automatically billed), you MUST still go online and confirm your enrollment in the plan through the secure link above. 

Once you have gone online to the insurance company website and confirmed your enrollment, you can print your Fordham health insurance card. 

  • To PRINT or REPRINT your Fordham insurance card, or to get Health Insurance Plan Details, click here.


    Students already insured under medical insurance that meets our policy standard minimum insurance requirements may waive enrollment in the Fordham Plan, and thus remove the insurance charge from your student account (see above details of our on-line Insurance Registration Process and its waiver path.) To satisfy the waiver requirement your coverage must:
  • be effective in the New York City area
  • provide at least $500,000 of reimbursement per each injury or illness
  • have no more than a $500 maximum deductible
  • have Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Benefits of $10,000 and $7500 respectively
  • If your policy does not cover Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, you can supplement your policy by completing this form and submitting it with the documents below:

    1. Complete the on-line insurance waiver request (**Current students see note below).
    2. Print out a copy of your completed waiver request (Print the final page of the on-line process)
    3. Obtain an English copy of your insurance policy
    4. Highlight the Policy Maximum, the Deductible amount, and the Medical Evacuation and Repatriation benefit amounts.
    5. Complete theHealth Insurance Waiver Form.
    6. Bring ALL of the above items to the Office of University Health Services for review.
    7. The entire process MUST be completed before September 19, 2014 for school year 2014-15.
    8. Failure to completely follow these instructions will result in the Student Insurance charge remaining on your Student Account.

    **Current students who previously registered for the insurance in the Fall, who now want to waive for the Spring term, will not be able to complete the online section.  These students should complete the other steps and bring the waiver application to the OIS. 

    GBA and non-GBA: If your waiver is approved for the FALL term you are waived for the FALL, SPRING, and SUMMER terms. If waiver is approved for SPRING term you are waived for the SPRING and SUMMER terms.  The health insurance process resets every Fall.  Therefore, if you waived in the Spring term (and/or the Summer term, for GBA), YOU MUST COMPLETE ANOTHER WAIVER APPLICATION IN THE FALL if you will continue to be a student during the fall!!! 

    For GBA ONLY: If waiver is approved for SUMMER trimester you are waived for the SUMMER term ONLY and must file again for next academic term. 

    University Health Services information:
    Rose Hill
    O'Hare Hall lower level
    phone: 718-817-4160
    fax: 718-817-3218

    Lincoln Center
    McMahon Hall room 203
    phone: 212-636-7160
    fax: 212-636-7164

    For Health Insurance concerns, you can email Maritza Rivera Garcia at
    However, for any other health-related concern, including questions about immunization, you must email

    To Search for Available Pharmacy Locations after receiving your ID Card:
    Or Call: (800) 400-0136

    To Search for Available Physicians & Facilities in the Beech Street Network:
    Or Call: (800) 432-1776 (Monday to Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm)
    Addresses and names of doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities that can be used with your Fordham International Insurance can be located from this website. You can go to doctors outside this list, but you will not get the reduced in-network fees.


    For more information about:
    International Student Health Insurance Program
    CIR at 1-800-322-9901

    Health Services available at Fordham
    Rose Hill:             (718) 817-4160
    Lincoln Center:    (212) 636-7160

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