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Safety in New York City

New York is a city full of life and adventure. Your time here may be a highlight of your life if you can enjoy what New York offers and learn to avoid the “dangers” of the City. As you become used to living in New York City, you will get to know which neighborhoods are safe and which areas to avoid, and you will begin to feel more relaxed about traveling through city streets. Even then, it is a good idea to follow these tips-most New Yorkers do:
  • After getting off a bus or subway station, LOOK AROUND, to see whether you are being followed.
  • If someone suspicious is behind you or ahead of you, cross the street. If necessary, crisscross from one side to another, back and forth. DON’T BE AFRAID TO RUN!
  • BE EXTRA AWARE OF WHAT’S AROUND YOU. Walk closer to the curb to avoid passing too close to shrubbery, dark doorways etc. Shun shortcuts, especially through backyards, parking lots and alleyways.
  • Stay out of all parks at nights.
  • If a car approaches you and you are threatened, SCREAM AND RUN in the opposite directions from the car. (The driver will have to turn around to pursue you.)
  • Dress for mobility. Many styles are nice but make moving harder on you.
  • Try not to overload yourself with packages, books, large purses, etc.
  • Never hitchhike or accept a ride from a stranger
  • When arriving home by taxi or private auto, request the driver to wait until you are inside.
  • Have your key ready in hand, so your house door can be opened immediately.
  • Avoid using the subway late at night-it is better to take a bus or a taxi. If you do use the subway at night, wait for the train at the token booth, or in an area where other people are waiting. Ride in the train near the conductor in the middle of the car or with the engineer in the first car-never ride in an empty car, an unlit car, or at the end of the train.
  • If you are a victim of theft or robbery, try not to resist. Give up your valuables calmly, and observe as much as possible about the robber, especially his/her face. The exception is a situation in which you feel your life is in danger and you must fight or try to run away.

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