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Reduced Course Load

Reduced Course Load

Full-time studies at Fordham University are defined as follows:
1. Undergraduate Students: Full-time enrollment requires at least 12 credit hours each semester except when you need a lesser course load to complete the course of study during the current term.

2. Graduate Students: For immigration purposes, 9 credit hours each semester is considered full-time. If you are taking fewer than 9 credits, you may file a "Deviation from Full Course of Study Form", signed by your advisor, with the International Student Advisor.

You are responsible for filing a "Deviation from Full Course of Study Form" with the Office of International Students each semester engaged in such activity.

3. English as a Second Language Students: At least 18 clock hours per week. Note that attendance in class is required. If you begin in the Spring term, you must enroll in either Summer I or II. Failure to attend on a regular basis will jeopardize immigration status.

Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment: There are exceptions to the full-time requirement. If you believe you must enroll part-time enrollment or if you have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to contact the International Student Office. If your reason is valid, it would be properly documented and approved by the International Student Advisor prior to registration. Failure to obtain prior authorization from the International Student Advisor will cause the student to fall out of status and bar him/her from on-campus employment, practical training, school transfer and change of status. If you have already lost student status by not enrolling full-time in a previous semester, you should make an appointment to discuss your case with the International Student Advisor. If you need to take advantage of one of the allowed exceptions, remember that it is necessary to obtain authorization from the International Student Advisor before registering for less than full-time studies.


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