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Generally, a non-student who wishes to visit Fordham "to conduct research" would be considered a researcher/scholar, and will be issued a J-1 visa.  This would be someone not presently enrolled in a course of study (here or abroad), but is interested in visiting Fordham for the purpose of availing themselves of Fordham's resources.  This would include professionals and those conducting research for professional and/or academic purposes.

The process:
The following is required for the issuance of a DS-2019:

         1) Approval of the Department/Area Chair, the appropriate Dean of Faculty/Dean, and the Office of the Provost.  This approval will be communicated to the OIS by the issuance of an invitation letter
         2) Completed "Request for DS-2019/J-1 Visa Sponsorship" by scholar/researcher
         3) Supporting documentation that demonstrates sufficient funds for the scholar to financially support him/herself during their stay
         4) Copy of name page of passport

Responsibilities of the Department

         1) Each visiting scholar should be assigned a Fordham faculty member as a mentor of sorts, to assist the scholar with issues related to their access to research materials (e.g. gaining access to libraries, computers, etc).

         2) The Fordham "mentor" will also serve as the contact person for OIS to communicate with for affirmation that the researcher/scholar is working to fulfill their intended purpose.    
         3) The Department should notify the OIS as soon as possible of any change in the visitor's stay or reserach plans (e.g. extending their stay, departing earlier than planned).

Responsibilities of the Scholar
        1) Every visiting scholar should "check-in" with OIS.  This means that they should report to our office with their documents (passport, DS-2019, I-94 record), so that we can report their physical presence at                our University to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  See the Travel page for instructions on how to obtain your I-94 record.
        2) Every visiting scholar/researcher is required to provide proof of insurance while here in the U.S.
        3) Every visiting scholar should notify the OIS immiediately of any changes in their contact information (address, phone numbers, e-mail address) and/or any changes in their approved period of stay.
        4) Every visiting scholar should notify the OIS before they depart.

Responsibilities of OIS

        1) OIS is responsible for maintaining earch scholar's status in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).  Advance communication of any changes or issues is of utmost importance in making sure that our scholars remain in status.
        2) OIS also assists scholars/researchers with landlord letters and bank letters if needed.
        3) OIS is here to provide expert advice to the departments and scholars as necessary.

Note: The responsibility for obtaining guest IDs, email accounts, etc., is the responsibility of the hosting department.

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