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Non-Immigrants Purpose at Fordham- 
To Work as Instructional Staff

Fordham's OIS offers visa assistance for full-time non-immigrant instructional staff.  Though the most common visa type offered is the H1B visa, the decision on which visa to offer is ultimately based on a variety of factors.

Things to consider:
  •   If you are hiring a foreign national, please let OIS know as soon as possible.
  •   OIS cannot start the petition process until a contract signed by all parties is received.
  •   A decision from USCIS using normal H1B petition processing can take up to several months.  However, expedited petition processing is available at an additional cost if necessary.
Other resources:
Visa Quick Guide for Department/Area Chairs
Fordham's Immigration Policy

Fordham University does not offer work visa assistance for part-time instructors.  However, the part-time instructor may be able to obtain work authorization for themselves.  These situations vary, so please notify the OIS for guidance if you have any questions of concerns.

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