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New to Fordham? Sign up for a Global Peer Assistant!

What is the Global Peer Assistant Program?
The Global Peer Assistant (GPA) program is designed to assist first-year international students in adjusting culturally, academically, and socially to Fordham, New York City, and the United States.  GPAs are available to answer any questions you have during yoru first semester at Fordham and in the Untied States.

Who are the GPAs?
GPAs are a team of Fordham students that have volunteered their time to help new international students coming to Fordham.  They have been studying at Fordham for at least one year and come from all over the world.  Some are American, and many are international students themselves.  They join this program because they understand the challenges of living in a new place, they want to help and make new friends.

Who are the Global Peers?
Global Peers are any new international students who are interested in learning and sharing new cultural experiences.  They should be respectful towards other individuals and cultures, and be able to maintain contact with their GPAs.

How does the GPA Program Work?
Once we receive your application, OIS will assign you with a GPA.  Soon after that, we will contact you with information about your assigned GPA.  You must contact them by phone, email, facebook or in person at least once at the beginning of the semester and regularly after that.

What are the Requirements for the GPA Program?
-Be able to contact and meet with your GPA throughout the semester.
-Show interest and commitment to gaining knowledge from the relationship by sharing your experiences and points of view.
-Be honest about your wants, needs, and likes.
-Attend Orientation week at the beginning of the semester.
-Complete OIS survey once a month about the activites, meetings and other events you've had with your GPA.

What are the Benefits of the GPA Program?
The benefits of the GPA program include receiving first hand assistance from current Fordham students, sharing and expanding your knowledge on other cultures, customs and life-styles from around the world, as well as gaining valuable insight about life in New York City.

To sign up, please complete this brief application form.

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