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 Transportation From Airport

Unfortunately, the Office for International Services does not have the resources to meet students at the airport. However, we have compiled information and instructions about different ways to get from the airport to Fordham.


After you get off the airplane, the first thing you will do is go through Immigration. Then you will retrieve your checked bags. After you have your bags, follow signs to the “Ground Transportation” area. Do not accept offers of transportation from anyone while getting to the ground transportation station. There, the official dispatcher will direct you to legal and safe transportation services.


You will find two tabs on the left side of this page, “To Lincoln Center” and “To Rose Hill.” Both contain detailed recommendations, tips and instructions about how to get to either Fordham campus.
In addition, there is a "Transportation in New York" tab that will answer any questions you have about getting around the city and different methods of transportation, as well as important tips.



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