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Transportation from Airport

Transportation From Airport

Unfortunately, the OIS does not have the resources to meet students at the airport. But you can follow our instructions below for alternative transportation options.

Proceed to the “Ground Transportation” area.Do not accept offers of transportation from anyone while getting to the ground transportation station. There, the official dispatcher would direct you to legal and safe transportation services. The dispatcher will inform you what your charge would be.Please read our following suggestions:

Transportation Options for JFK and Laguardia Airports:
1. Door-to-door Car Service. By inquiring at the Ground Services Information Booth at the airport you can arrange for door-to-door car service to locations in the Bronx and in Manhattan, between 23rd and 63rd Streets. Costs are between $12 and $20, cheaper than a cab. To learn more about different door-to-door services available from JFK go to Port Authority’s website and follow the link to Airports and to JFK Ground Transportation options.

2. Taxicabs. The average taxi trip to midtown Manhattan from JFK will cost about $35 and about $30 from LaGuardia. Similar fares will be charged for taxi service to the Bronx. The fare will be shown on a meter inside the taxi and it covers all passengers in the car. All bridge and highway tolls are paid by the passenger and a 15% tip is customary. To avoid problems, take only the yellow cabs at the taxi booth outside the terminal. Read the posted rate charts and note the taxi number.

3. Miles Car Service: This is another company that works with Fordham. They are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. They have a standard rate to Rose-Hill campus for $35 + round trip tolls (about $7) + Tip from LaGuardia airport, and $58 + tolls + tip from JFK. The same company can be hired for service into Manhattan, they have other rates. They accept all major credit & debit cards. Inquire about these when you call them. To dispatch this car company, call (718) 884 – 8888 after you have collected your luggage.

4. Public Transportation: (Subway) If you arrive during the day, you can safely take the subway from JFK to either campus. Take the parking lot bus to the “A” subway. Take the Bronx bound “A” to 59th street. At 59th get off for the Lincoln Center campus and walk one block west to 9th Avenue. To the Bronx campus, transfer at 59th street to the Bronx bound “D” train. Take the “D” to Fordham Road. At Fordham Road take the BX12 bus east to the campus. The subway ride will cost $2.00 with free transfer to the bus. Buy a “Metro Card” in the amount of $6.00 at the subway station to use for the subway and bus. If you make it to the Bronx in less than two hours, the transfer from the subway to the bus will be free.

NOTE: Subways and buses cost $2.25 per ride. You may transfer subway trains or from the subway to bus without paying a second fare with your Metro card. You can buy Metro card from the vending machines in the subway stations. Until you are settled and comfortable at Fordham avoid the subway after dark.

Transportation Options from Newark Airport:
Olympia Airport Express serves the Newark Airport. The service runs starting around 4:00 AM in the morning and is available to different parts of Manhattan. To inquire, call them at (212) 964-6233 or (908) 354-3330. The fee is about $11 to Manhattan. From Manhattan you could take a cab or subway to your final destination. If your final destination is Rose-Hill campus, take the Olympia Airport Express bus that goes to Grand Central Terminal(ask the driver, there are different Olympia Airport Express buses serving different locations) and read the instructions below on “Coming to the Campus from Manhattan”.

Another transportation option from Newark Airport to Bronx the campus is through a shared door-to-door limo service called ETS Air. You can inquire with them via email or directly via their Their telephone number is (718) 221- 5341 and the service cost $65 for 1 person, $80 for 2 people, or $120 for 3-10 people.

Other transportation options are available from Newark Airport into Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.You can learn about them on the Port Authority’s Website (The organization that runs Newark and JFK Airports).

Coming to the Bronx Campus from Manhattan:
Metro North:
From Grand Central a safe and reliable commuter railroad, Metro-North, is available the Fordham Road Station for about $5.50. Trains leave at least once every hour and stop right next to the campus. From Grand Central you could also take the number 4 subway uptown to the Fordham Road station. Get out and take the BX12 bus east to Fordham University. For more information about the NY Metro, please visit<

If it is your first time coming to the school by yourself we advise you to use the Metro North Train (Rail) until you familiarize yourself with the subway.

“Ram” Van This van commutes students between the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. The ride is about 30-45 minutes. The van leaves every half-hour from both campuses and it costs $2.50 each way. You might have to sign up at the Ram Van Office on busy days. Additional information is available at the Ram Van office at McGinley Center, Room 242A Tel: (718) 817 4636. Click here for more information.

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