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What to Bring- Helpful Tips

Packed Your Bags and Ready to Go? 

Here are some helpful packing tips:

Medicine/Narcotics (From the US Consulate Website)

Narcotics and dangerous drugs are prohibited entry.  There are severe civil and/or criminal penalties if imported.  Concerta and Ritalin are approved medicines.  Declare all medications to Customs when entering the United States.

A traveler requiring prescribed medicines (e.g. cough medicine, diuretics, heart drugs, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antidepressants, stimulants, diabetes medication etc.) should:

     -Have all drugs, medicines, and similar products properly identified
     -Carry only such quantity as would normally be used by an individual having the health problem requiring the drugs or medicines in your possession
     -Have either a current prescription or written statement from your personal physician that the medicine is being used under a doctor's direction and that it is necessary for your physical well-being while traveling.  The doctor's note should state the name and the exact quantity of the medicine you are bringing into the U.S.
     -Carry all medication in your hand luggage (including needles for diabetics) also in case of loss of luggage
     -It is recommended to ask for a medical passport from your pharmacy/physician.

Medication can be sent by post if the prescription or doctor's letter is included.  A notation should be placed on the outside of the parcel stating, for example, "DOCTOR'S LETTER ATTACHED."

Not all medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or allowed into the United States.

More information, including a list of approved medicines, can be found in the FDA Orange Book


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