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Global Peer Assistants

Global Peer Assistants

What is the Global Peer Assistant Program?
The intent for the Global Peer Assistant (GPA) program is to assist first-year students with their integration to Fordham and New York City.  GPAs will do this by meeting regularly with their assigned new student and by planning activites/get-togethers for their first-year international students.  

Who are the Global Peer Assistants?
The GPAs are a team of Fordham students who have volunteered their time to help new international students coming to Fordham.  GPAs "commitment" lasts throughout the entire first year of the new student (if not longer!).

They are Fordham students who have been studying at Fordham for at least one year and come from all over the world.  Some are American, and many are international students themselves.  They join this program because they understand the challenges of living in a new place, and they want to help and make new friends.

GPAs are selected by the Office for International Services, and trained to assist new students in many areas such as:

-Answering pre-arrival questions
-Getting settled in New York
-Finding your way around Fordham and New York City
-Meeting people and getting involved on campus
-Understanding American Culture
-Dearling with cultural adjustment
-Understanding the system of education

All of these topics are very important to new students.  Helping students with these issues will make their transition to Fordham much easier, which is the main goal of the program!

*IMPORTANT: GPAs are NOT legal advisors and are not allowed to give information/advice regarding immigration matters or any other lawful activities.

What are the Requirements and Responsibilities of the Global Peer Assistants?
-Be available during the first week of school to assist with: meal plans, buying books, shopping trip to get room essentials
-Be available to host regular get-togethers with new students
-GPAs will be responsible for planning at least one activity for new students each semester
-Have been enrolled at Fordham for at least one year
-Have knowledge of New York City (transportation, neighborhoods, entertainment, etc) and Fordham (meal plans, resources, services, etc).
-GPAs are strongly encouraged to be a member of the International Community of Fordham (ICF) Club

**We take this program seriously, but it's not too much work, because really you're just being a friend!

What are the Benefits to Being a GPA?
-Develop international friendships
-Gain greater understanding of other cultures, customs and lifestyles
-Broaden your world views
-Meet new and exciting people from around the world
-Enhance your resume
-Further develop your leadership skills

Important Dates/Details:
     Friday, March 16: GPA Application Due
     Week of March 19: Interviews
     Mandatory April Info Session: Date TBA
     Availability during the first week of classes for Introductory Mixer

How Can I Join?
To sign up to be a Global Peer Assistant, complete the Application Form here The application deadline is March 16, 2012.  All applicants are required to interview.  New students will be assigned to a Global Peer Assistant by the OIS on a rolling basis.  If you have questions about the program, please contact the OIS at  

New Students can complete an application here to receive a Global Peer Assistant.

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