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Global Transition Team


Apply now to be the Global Transition 2015 Student Coordinators!
Find the application here:

Do you remember how you felt when you first arrived at Fordham- a little lost and bewildered by a new place and new faces? Every student goes through their own transition experience. Maybe you are an international student yourself, or you studied abroad, and you know that finding your way in a new place can be challenging. Do you want to help new international students find their way at Fordham? If so, applying to be a Global Transition Team Member is perfect for you!

The Global Transition Team is the first glimpse of our renowned "Fordham family" and it is our job to help the new students feel welcome and comfortable, as new members of our family.

Global Transition Team Members are expected to respect University policy on and off campus, and serve the new students as a positive role model. Resident Assistants, Resident Freshmen Mentors, New Student Orientation Leaders, Urban Plunge Leaders, and Technology Assistants may not apply due to scheduling conflicts.

Reasons to be a Global Transition Team Member:
Make new friends
Work with really awesome people
Give back to the Fordham community
Enhance your resume
Gain experience and knowledge about other countries and cultures
Move into your Fordham housing early
Get free food and a free t-shirt during Global Transition

Responsiblities of Global Transition Team Members:
Help with move-in
Facilitate small groups of students
Assist at and attend ALL Global Transition programs, sessions and events
Be a role model to the new students
Answer questions and give suggestions to new students
Remain available to new students throughout the semester
Plan and attend Global Transition events for new student groups during Fall semester

Global Transition Team Roles:
Global Transition Assistant (GTA)
Serve as a group leader and facilitator by assisting in the success of events and sessions during Global Transition. Actively motivate students to participate in activities. GTAs must strive to develop a relationship with each new student in their group.
Global Transition Captain (GTC)
Accomplish all taks of Global Transition Assistants, but also be available and able to help in a more managerial role throughout the program.
Global Transition Student Coordinator (GTSC)
Function as the student extension of administrative office. Assist in planning and executing the Global Transition program during the Spring semester and over the summer at your campus. Serve as the direct line of communication between administrators, sudent leaders and new students.

Important Dates:

GT Student Coordinator Applications due October 15th
Spring Global Transition Program: January 8th
GT Team Applications: late January
GT Team Training: April
Global Transition Fall program: August 25th to August 29th

Please check back for Assistant and Captain applications for Global Transition 2015.

Our 2014 Global Transition Team:
Rose Hill
Lincoln Center

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