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International Orientation Assistants

International Orientation Team

Do you remember how you felt when you first arrived at Fordham - a little lost and bewildered by a new place and new faces?  Or, are you a returned study abroad student, or somebody who has experienced being in a totally different country, and can remember those overwhelming feelings of being in a new place?  Because of your experience you can make that transition a smoother one for new international students!  Would you like to help new students find their way around Fordham and NYC?  If so, you should apply to be part of the New Student International Orientation Team!

International Orientation Team members are a significant first contact that new students have when they arrive at Fordham.  As a member of the International Orientation Team, it is our responsibility to make new students feel welcome and comfortable.

International Orientation Team members are student leaders, expected to respect University policy on and off campus and serve new students as a positive role model.  Resident Assistants, Resident Freshmen Mentors, New Student Orientation Leaders, and Urban Plunge leaders may not apply due to scheduling conflicts.

Reasons to be an International Orientation Team Member:
Gain experience and knowledge about other countries & cultures
Make new friends
Give back to the Fordham community
Enhance your resume
Move into your Fordham housing early
Get free food during International Student Orientation and a free t-shirt!

Responsibilities of International Orientation Team Members:
Help with move-in
Check-in students
Be able to work with a team of your peers and administrators
Attend and assist with Orientation sessions

International Orientation Team Positions
International Orientation Assistant (IOA):
They serve as a group leader and facilitator by conducting activities and discussions with new students by actively motivating new students to participate in Orientation activities.  IOAs must strive to develop a relationship with each new student in their group.

International Orientation Captain (IOC):
An International Orientation Captain is a member of the New International Student Orientation Team who has an increased managerial role throughout orientation.

Important Dates:
Sunday, August 19, 2012: International Orientation Team can move into their Fordham Housing Assignment for Fall 2012.  If not living on-campus, training begins on Monday.
Sunday August 19, 2012-Saturday, August 25, 2012 from approximately 9am-9pm: IOAs/IOCs are expected to be available.  Meals will be provided during International Orientation week.

Applications are due by Monday, April 16, and can be found here.

Interviews will be held the week of April 18-27.
Spring Training will be on Monday, May 4, 1-2:30pm.

For more information, contact  

The Diplomatic Corps were student volunteers who helped make 2011 International Orienation a success!  The DCs have now evolved into the International Orienation Team, but we still would like to celebrate their hard work and dedication!  The 2011 DCs were:

Rose Hill Danielle Moeser
Eugene Asante Christina Mozeleski
Isabel Brown Claudine Murphy
Sara DeSimine Andrew Padayhag
Catherine DiVincenzo Michael Providenza
Siobhan Fludder Kathryn Rohlander
SiHien Goh Donald Ross
Caroline Hadley Jissella Serrano
Andrew Harrington Eamon Stewart
Chloe Jenkins Lincoln Center
Alycia Kravitz David Hagmann

The 2012 Spring DCs were: 
Rose Hill Lincoln Center
Tahmed Adnan Jing Li
Juran-Perez Moodley  

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