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Kathryn Pogson, Artistic Director

My working life is as an actress, from Community Theatre through the politicising work of the Royal Court and the joyous classical leading roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Globe. I became an actress because I had no choice, it is what I do best. After gaining years of experience I unexpectedly discovered I could teach and understand the vital importance of a good core training and the elements that it must embrace. When the muse descends on a production all is well, but when she does not and you have flu, the show is shoddy and two people are watching, you need a training to fall back on. If you want to go the long-distance as an actor and to soar as a performer you need to understand what it is you are doing and the tools it requires. Theatre is demanding and you must be able to look after your unique talents, and to nurture the blessed gift of every creative performer, the imagination. Discipline, hard-work, collaboration, focus, enlightenment and risk are the joys of the conservatory experience, and useful in every path you take in life. The Ancient Greeks believed that theatre is inextricably part of a healthy society and a blessing from the Gods. I agree and respect all those who chose to study her with an open heart and a rigorous mind. Come and let us learn from one another.

To our perspective students:
 The London Dramatic Academy, is one of the great one term British conservatory Acting programs. Classes include Dramatic Criticism and Space, Place and Text (British theatre history and literature), academically challenging and connected to performance. Our acting classes, 'Acting' and 'Acting Shakespeare' are focussed through Stanislavski based acting techniques, language and text analysis, and improvisation. We have extensive physical theatre classes and voice/speech training. Each week you will have an hour of one to one tutorials in Alexander technique and Audition tutorial. Weekly visits to the theatre enrich your training, as well as visits to museums and other cultural venues.

We have some of the best teachers Britain can offer, on our faculty pages you can read about their careers. Master classes/Q & A's with professionals happen throughout the term.

I am honoured to be the Director of this program that I have witnessed develop and blossom under the careful guidance of previous directors over many years. The course has much to offer and we sit in the beautiful heart of a great cultural world city. London shines and so does the London Dramatic Academy.

Warm wishes,
Kathryn Pogson.

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