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Welcome faculty, students, staff, and administrators. These pages will provide information about Fordham’s decennial accreditation.

Some background: Fordham University is a member of the Middle States Association of the Commission of Higher Education (“Middle States”), a non-governmental membership association that accredits colleges and universities within its geographical purview via peer evaluation ( Every ten years, Middle States reviews the University accreditation in order to ensure compliance with its standards, outlined in Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.

In spring 2016, Fordham will host a team of faculty and administrators from other institutions; this team will evaluate Fordham for re-accreditation by Middle States. Between now and then, the University will engage in a process of self-study which provides the opportunity for the entire Fordham community to engage in conversation about whether we, as an educational community, are achieving the University’s mission, and how we can improve in doing so.

A Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee has drafted a plan to guide this process. The document provides detail on nine task forces charged with actively engaging our University communities in gathering, discussing, and analyzing information about Fordham. We encourage you to contact the steering committee co-chairs, or answer this survey, if you would like to get more involved.

Please check this website for periodic updates.

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