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If you have excelled as a student at Fordham, you may be eligible for one or more external prestigious fellowships.

In addition to having an outstanding academic record, successful prestigious fellowship applicants distinguish themselves through:

  • Significant intellectual and innovative independent projects, supervised research, or internships
  • Strong evidence of leadership potential and community or public service
  • Compelling and comprehensive faculty letters of recommendation
  • The support and official endorsement of the University through the Office for Prestigious Fellowship

How to Get Started

  1. Explore the opportunities listed in the Scholarships and Fellowships section of our website. There, we have compiled a list of major awards, as well as other prestigious opportunities such as summer internships and programs that can strengthen your qualifications for the major awards. We also invite you to conduct your own research and find opportunities not listed here.

  2. Contact us to discuss your interests and eligibility. Don't wait! Note that many fellowships have a campus deadline that is earlier than the application deadline. In general, you should plan to meet with us the semester before you would need to submit an application for each fellowship.

  3. Visit our Preparing a Competitive Application page for general tips on preparing yourself to be a competitive applicant for prestigious awards.
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