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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Campion Institute is to promote Fordham's intellectual distinction through the recognition of "past triumphs, present promise, and future aspirations." At the Office for Prestigious Fellowships, this mission is accomplished through the promotion of external scholarship and fellowship programs among Fordham's students. Our goal is to connect students with the opportunities that exist to deepen their educational and professional experiences and further their intellectual and personal growth. We do this by raising awareness about prestigious scholarship and fellowship programs, providing resources for students to discover appropriate opportunities, counseling students about their eligibility for various programs, and advising students through the application process.

We work with students and alumni of all colleges and schools, both undergraduate and graduate, of Fordham University. More specifically, we work with students with exceptional promise who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary academic achievements, extracurricular involvement and accomplishments, leadership activities, and a passion for being a force for change in their communities and in the larger world.


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