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Scholarships, Fellowships, & Grants from External Sources
The Scholarships and Fellowships page, linked to the left, contains summaries of awards arranged according to academic year with embedded links to individual official websites. Search for available awards by year, or by type of award.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Financial and intellectual awards given in recognition of outstanding personal and academic achievements and one's future potential for scholarly distinction are widely known as scholarships and fellowships. Today's scholarship and fellowship winners are often tomorrow's leaders in the arts, sciences, business, politics, and education; these student scholars have long been celebrated for their unique contributions to society and the world. They share a common passion for academic excellence, personal development and distinction, and dedication to high ideals. Generally, most external awards provide financial support for graduate study either abroad or in the United States; however, there are several that provide financial support for undergraduate study.

Once again, we list a number of the major external awards here, but strongly encourage students to search for others on their own. As always, careful research and preparation during the application process will increase the ultimate chance of success. Lastly, while we have provided some practical information, we urge you to call our office to make an appointment and talk with us about your future plans.

Please also visit Awards at a Glance for a chart containing summaries of the major awards and information about required academic status, field of study, internal deadline, and imbedded links to official websites.

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