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Campion Summer Fellowships
Each year, the Campion Institute (through the Office for Prestigious Fellowships) offers special competitive awards to students who will be competing for external scholarships and fellowships (such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Fulbright, Truman, Goldwater, etc.). 
Summer Fellowships
These special awards, presented at the end of the spring semester, are available to a select group of students as a way to enrich their intellectual endeavors, build more solid research histories, and help them gain experiences that will ultimately strengthen their applications to the major external award competitions.
Our summer program, open both to undergraduate and graduate students, is tailored for each group and offers varying levels of awards (based on cum GPA requirements and geared to the different types of external fellowship applications). Finally, the specific terms of each award are determined on an as-needed and case-by-case basis (small stipend, summer housing, or a combination of both).  All summer projects are subject to the approval of the Campion's Summer Fellowship Selection Committee.
The forms for download are as follows: 
If you are an undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above and are planning to apply for a major external award, you may be eligible for our Campion Undergraduate Summer Scholarship.  (Graduating seniors are eligible for summer housing only -- if they are applying to the British fellowship programs -- and they are generally ineligible for stipends.)
If you are an undergraduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and are planning to apply for a major external award, you may be eligible for a Matteo Ricci Undergraduate Summer Scholarship (summer housing or a small stipend).
If you are a graduate student with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above and are planning to apply for a major external award, you may be eligible for a Matteo Ricci Graduate Summer Fellowship (normally a small stipend). 

All summer fellowship applications require a Campion Institute Summer Letter of Support from a faculty mentor who will be supervising your work. 
If you meet our GPA requirements and plan to compete in one or a number of the prestigious outside award competitions, please download a summer application and return it to our office, along with any addiitional required documentation by April 29.  Rose Hill students should return their application packets to Thebaud Hall, Rooms 106-108 (drop boxes will be located outside our offices). Lincoln Center students should return their application materials to LL716-I. 
Good luck to all and Happy Summer!

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