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American Scandinavian Foundation

The American-Scandinavian Foundation Grants and Fellowships (ASF)

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Founded in 1910 by the Danish-American industrialist Niels Poulson, the American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) works to promote international relations and cultural exchange between the Nordic countries and the United States. The Foundation offers fellowships and grants for research and study in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway for a span of up to one year.

Award Details

Fellowships of up to $23,000 are awarded for a year long stay in a Scandinavian country. The award supports round-trip airfare to the host country, in-country travel, tuition and related fees, project related costs and materials (books, supplies, etc.)

Grants of $5,000 are also available for a 3 month stay. Grants are designed for post-graduates, professionals, and candidates of the arts to pursue research and study projects.


Applicant must...

  • be a U.S. citizens or permanent resident
  • complete their undergraduate degree before the start of their project
  • have a well defined research or study project to propose that requires stay in Scandinavia

Additional Notes

For the fellowships, priority is given to candidates at the graduate level who plan to work on dissertation related research and study.

It is recommended that all candidates have some knowledge of the language of the host country. Language proficiency should be commensurate with the research project the applicant proposes.

Applicants must secure academic or professional affiliations on their own.

First priority goes to applicants who have not previously won an ASF award.


External deadline: November 1, 2013

Campus deadline: October 2013

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