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City Hall Fellows Program

City Hall Fellows Program

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The City Hall Fellows Program was established in 2008 by Bethany Rubin Henderson, who believed that "one talented, passionate, well-trained individual working in the right place inside government can change an agency, and that many working together can change a city." Fellows work as full-time city employees, and they participate in a "quasi-academic exploration of how their city functions and why it operates that way, complete with intensive pro bono consulting projects through which Fellows practice policy evaluation and policy-making."

The fellowship is 12 months long and has three components: work placement, civic leadership development, and service projects. Each fellow is placed in a city office working directly for a senior-level official. In the past, fellows have been placed in Houston, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, and San Francisco, CA.

Award Details

Fellows receive a stipend commensurate to the cost of living in their host city plus health care. The compensation for the most recent cohort was a living stipend of approximately $40,000.


Applicant must...
  • be legally authorized to live and work in the United States
  • have earned a bachelor's degree prior to the Fellowship start date
  • display academic achievement, written and oral communication skills, leadership potential, dedication to public service, and an entreprenurial spirit
Additional Notes

While there is no GPA cut-off, the program is very competitive, and some preference is given to applicants with a strong connection to the city to which they are applying. Although the program is primarily for recent college graduates who have not yet attended graduate school, graduate students are eligible to apply, as long as they have earned their bachelor's degree no earlier than three years prior to the Fellowship start date.


External deadline: March 2014 (TBA)

Campus deadline:

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