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Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall Scholarship

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Founded in 1953 by the British Parliament to honor George C. Marshall and the ideals of the Marshall Plan, the Marshall Scholarship finances young American students who wish to study at one of 168 United Kingdom institutions in any field of study. The scholarship helps Scholars gain an understanding of contemporary British culture and motivates Scholars to become ambassadors for the U.S. in the United Kingdom. "As future leaders, with a lasting understanding of British society, Marshall Scholars strengthen the enduring relationship between the British and American peoples, their governments and their institutions." Up to forty Scholars are selected annually.

Award Details

The scholarship is awarded for a term of two years, with the possibility of a third year extension (granted only for strong academic reasons and on a limited basis). One year Marshall Scholarships are also available for students with a clear post-scholarship plan such as employment or deferred entry into medical school, law school, or a PhD program. The one-year scholarship cannot be extended.

The fellowship covers university fees, cost of living expenses, books, a thesis grant, research and daily travel grants, and airfare to and from the United States.


Applicant must...
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • have graduated from their undergraduate institution after April 2011 (to be eligible for the 2014 Marshall Scholarship)
  • receive the endorsement of Fordham University through Office for Prestigious Fellowships
Additional Notes

Students studying for or already holding a British degree are not eligible.


External deadline: October 1, 2013

Campus deadline
: September 2013

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