Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Council Members

Members Representing # Term Term
Damian Lyons A&S RH/Computer & Information Sciences 1 2011-2014
Chun Zhang Graduate School of Education 2 2011-2014
Monica Rivera-Mindt A&S LC/Psychology 2 2011-2014
Troy Tassier A&S RH/Economics 2 2011-2014
Ethan Leib School of Law 1 2012-2015
Linda Sugin Law Replacement Spring 2014
James D. Lewis A&S RH/Biological Sciences 1 2012-2015
R. Bentley Anderson, SJ African & African American Department Replacement 2013-2014
Amy Horowitz Graduate School of Social Service 1 2013-2016
Barbara Mundy A&S RH/Art History & Music 1 2013-2016
Philip Napoli Business 2 2013-2016

For the 2012-2013 academic year council members appointed by the President are:
Chief Research Officer Nancy Busch, & President of the Faculty Senate Grace Vernon sit on the council ex-officio.

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