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Fall 2011: Senior Thesis Presentations


Fordham American Studies Senior Thesis Presentations
Tuesday, December 13, 10:00am - 6:00pm

The 2011 Senior Seminar theme has been "Food and Globalization," and the course has been taught by
Professors Julie Kim (English) and Oneka LaBennett (African and African American Studies).

O'Hare Special Collections Room,
4th Floor, Walsh Family Library,
Fordham University, Rose Hill campus
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY
2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
10:05-10:55: New York City-Scapes
Catherine McNamara, “The Cross Bronx Double Cross: The Effects of the Cross Bronx Expressway on Pediatric Asthma in the Bronx”
Kevin Price, “Jay-Zʼs Coliseum: The Barclayʼs Center, Professional Sports, and the Transformation of Brooklyn”
Lauren Sepanski, “Tending the Flowers, Cultivating Community: Gardening on New York City Public Housing Sites”
  11:05-11:55: Iʼm a New Woman: Redefining Femininity
   Jennifer Prevete, “ʻMaybe It Was Too Much to Expect for Those Daysʼ: The Changing Lifestyles of Barnardʼs First Female Students”
Eve Krupitsky, “An Important Year: Competing Images of Womanhood in the Ladiesʼ Home Journal, 1919”
Gabriella Wilkins, “Fun, Fearless, and Feminist?: Gender and Sexuality in Cosmopolitan”

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
12:05-12:55: Letʼs Talk Politics
Emily Tuttle, “ʻInspired By Our Feminist Foremothersʼ: Feminists for Lifeʼs Appropriation of First-Wave Feminist Rhetoric and History”
Sarah J. Rogers, “Dramatizing Oppenheimer and Reagan: Theatricality and the Shaping of American Historical Memory”
Grace Loughney, “The New Media Deal: Obama, the Information Age, and the Shadow of FDR”
2:00-2:50: School Days
Rachel Jones, “Sistas in Sisterhood: Black Cultural Clubs in All Girls Private High Schools”
Andrea Krok, “ʻI Got It From My Mamaʼ: Experiences of Language and Identity for Second-Generation Immigrant College Students at Fordham”
Melissa Brumer, “Sand, Sun, and Sex Tourism: What Really HappensDuring College Spring Break

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations
3:00-3:50: Consuming Cultures
Ariadne Blayde, “ʻI Ran My Fingers Through Her Coal Black Hair To Cover Up My Sinʼ: Gender, Violence, and Redemption in Appalachian Murdered Girl Ballads”
Andrew OʼConnell, “From Clayton Bigsby to Stuart Hall: Conceptions of Blackness and Authenticity in Chappelleʼs Show”
Rebecca Gehman, “ʻFast Food for the Filipino Soulʼ: Consuming Transnational Identity at Jollibee in Queens”

4-6pm: Reception and Celebration

2010 Senior Thesis Presentations

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