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  Pre-Architecture Program at Fordham

Fordham's pre-architecture program is designed to prepare students for graduate training in the environmental design professions.  Most design schools do not specify a particular major for admission, but an art history major is an appropriate and useful preparation for architecture, interior design, or historic preservation.  For graduate school application advice and for admission requirements for all the design professions, please refer to Pre-Architecture under the Preprofessional Programs of Study section of this bulletin.  For students who plan to work immediately after graduation, this program will also support careers in real estate, construction, preservation, and the interiors industries.  Students leave the program with highly sought skills in computer-aided drafting and design (CAD).

Five of the following visual arts courses may be substituted for art history courses and counted towards the pre-architecture student's art history major.  With the chair's permission, students may choose to execute a senior design project (VART 4090) as the senior Capstone requirement.

VART 1135-Visual Thinking
VART 1150-Drawing 1
VART 1160-Architectural Language

At least one of:
ARHI 1100-Art History Introduction
VART 1101-Urbanism

Recommended electives:
VART 2055-Enironmental Design
ARHI 2460-Architecture 1300-1750
ARHI 2540-Modern Architecture
VART 3070-Architectural Design II
VART 3080-Architecture Studio A
VART 3090-Architecture Studio B
ARHI 3350-Age of Cathedrals
ARHI 3351-Issues in Architecture
ARHI 3540-Seminar: Contemporary Architecture
VART 4090-Senior Project, Architecture

Colin M. Cathcart AIA
Associate Professor of Architecture
mailbox: LL423, 113 W 60th St NYC 10023
messages: 212 636 6303 or 718 237 2786
office hours (by appointment):
Lowenstein SL24s
Keating B7


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