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The art history major offers students the opportunity to study the great cultural accomplishments of (primarily) western civilization within a broad historical context. Art history intersects with many different fields--history, literature, philosophy, and theology, among others. It is integral to a strong liberal arts curriculum that is at the heart of the Fordham education. The art history major focuses upon the history of European/American, and to a lesser extent, global art. Students are prepared for graduate school and for employment following graduation in galleries, auction houses, art publishing, and non-professional positions in museums. Many students pursue careers in other fields, including law and education.

Majors in art history must complete three required courses and at least six electives.

Required Courses

Art History Introduction (ARHI 1100)
Visual Thinking (VART 1135)
Senior Seminar (ARHI 4600, for majors at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center)

In order to ensure a wide background in art history, majors are required to take one course in each of the following areas:


Of the remaining courses, two additional courses must be in a single area (Ancient/Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, Modern, or Global) to develop a concentration in one area. Visual Thinking is a studio-based course that investigates some of the physical and perceptual issues of making and viewing images. The Senior Seminar introduces majors to the theoretical basis and formal methodology of art history while giving them experience with the various art institutions in New York City (galleries, museums, auction houses).

The Rose Hill department supplements these academic programs with several awards and scholarships to honor art history majors.

We encourage students to take advantage of the many internship opportunities in New York City, for which they may receive elective credit.

Art history majors and minors are also encouraged to take The Chemistry of Art (CHEM 1104), which satisfies the physical science requirement of the core curriculum.

The department offers a minor consisting of six one-semester departmental courses in art history. Art History Introduction (ARHI 1100) is required, plus any five additional art history courses. One visual arts course, Visual Thinking (VART 1135), may be substituted for one of the five elective art history courses.

The department also offers a Pre-Architecture program.

No course in which the student earns a grade of D may be used toward a departmental major or minor.


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