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Stark Family Award

The Department of Art History and Music has received a generous donation from the Stark Family to enable art history majors to experience the art treasures of Europe. Every year, the department awards a travel fellowship to an art history major to be used toward European travel.

By December 1 of each autumn, junior art history majors are invited to submit a proposal for a travel grant for the forthcoming spring or summer break in order to experience the art treasures of Europe first hand. The proposal should outline the student's goals, projected itinerary, expenses and the student's financial need. The Department will award the prize based on the student's proposal, academic records, and financial need.

The Stark Family Award has been awarded to:

2014   Elizabeth Zhangi, FCRH 2015
2013   Kathleen Emerson, FCRH 2014
2012   Janine Vicente, FCLC 2013
2011   Rebecca Decker, FCLC 2012 and
           Mechella Yezernitskaya, FCLC 2012
2010   Karolina Chojnowska, FCLC 2011
2009   Simone Mitton , FCLC 2010
2008   Christina Healy, FCRH 2009
2007   Michaela Ward , FCRH 2008
2006   Michelle Pastor, FCRH 2007
2005   Stephanie Luther, FCRH 2006
2004   Martha Clippinger, FCRH 2005
2003   Kerin Sulock, FCRH 2003 (Fall)
2002   Erin G. O'Donnell, FCRH 2002
2000   Jennifer Godlewski, FCRH 2001
1999   Keira Dillon, FCRH 2000
1997   Dan Favata, FCRH 1998
1996   Otto Luna, FCRH 1997
1995   Jane Haag, FCRH 1996

The Vasari Symposium

The Vasari Symposium is named for the sixteenth-century Italian artist/scholar Giorgio Vasari, whose publication The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects (1550; 1568) provided one of the earliest and most influential examples of art historical writing.

Each year one Fordham College Rose Hill student and one Fordham College Lincoln Center student are selected to serve as "Vasari Lecturers" and present original research at a spring symposium open to the Fordham community and guests.  At the Vasari Symposium the previous year's winner of the Stark Prize also gives a short presentation on his or her travels.

Vasari Lectures have been presented by:

2014 Audrey Remmert, FCLC 2014
"Containing the New Woman in Thomas Dewing's A Reading"
2013 Melissa C. Morris, PCSLC 2013
"Thinking Inside the Box: The Interior of Philip Johnson's Glass House"
2012 Isabella Bustamante, FCLC 2012
"Yoshitomo Nara and Child as Hero"
2012 Wilson Duggan, FCRH 2012
"The Big Picture: Vik Muniz's Action Photo I through the Macroscope and the Microscope"
2011 Lauren Toole, FC 2011
"Image and Ritual: Performativity and Christomimesis in a Flagellation by Spinello Aretino"
2010 Roksana Filipowska , FCRH 2010
"The Meaning of Candy: on the Multiplicity of Meaning in Felix Gonzales-Torres 1991 Untitled (Revenge)"
2009 Alison Lau, FCRH 2009
"Jean-Auguste-Dominque Ingres's Odalisque with Slave"
2008 Jack Waldron, FCRH 2008
"Paul Gauguin: The Conflicted 'Savage' and Nevermore"
2007 Ryan White, FCRH 2007
"Illuminating Joseph Wright's An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump"
2006 Dana Ferine, FCRH 2006
"Gustav Klimt and Judith: The Ultimate Femme Fatale"
2005 Martha Clippinger, FCRH 2005
"The Development of an Artist: Van Gogh and his Portrait of Père Tanguy"
2004 Kerin Anne Sulock, FCRH 2003 (Fall)
"De Kooning's Woman and Bicycle: Reality in Ambiguity"
2003 Lalaine Mercado, FCRH 2003
"John Constantine's Salisbury Cathedral with Rainbow"
2002 Carll Wilkinson, FCRH 2002
"Mark Rothko's No. 10: Interpretative Approaches"
2001 Peter Raho, FCRH 2001
"The Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum: Frank Lloyd Wright's Culminating Work"
2000 Jennifer McDonnell, FCRH 2000
"The Consumption Function Illustrated: Edgar Degas's Portraits at the Stock Exchange"
1999 Joss Citrone, FCRH 1999
"Winslow Homer's Visit from the Mistress'"

The Art History Award

Every year the Art History faculty presents a book award to two students--one from Fordham College Rose Hill, one from Fordham College Lincoln Center--who have outstanding academic records in the program.  Book awards are made at the Vasari Symposium in the spring, and the FCRH award is announced at the Encaenia ceremony in May.

The James L. Kurtz Award in Music

The James L. Kurtz Award in Music, named for the first professor of music in the department, is given to a graduating music major who has shown excellence in course work and a significant involvement in the activities of the department and the musical life of the university.

The James L. Kurtz Award in Music has been awarded to:

2014   Mark Dumond, FCRH 2014; Dan Gibney, FCRH 2014
2013   Karina Daza, FCRH 2013
2012   Alycia Kravitz, FCRH 2012
2010   Douglas Giombarrese, FCRH 2010

The Fordham Stipend

The Fordham Stipend is awarded each year on the basis of auditions to two students who major or minor in music. It covers the cost for two semesters of private study on voice or an instrument with a teacher of the winner's choice.

The Fordham Stipend Award has been awarded to:

2013 - 2014
Mark Dumond
Rebecca Hare
Sebastian Massa
Malcolm Morano
2012 - 2013 Chantal Freeman
Charlie Martin
Sebastian Massa
Dan Snyder
2011 - 2012 Charlie Martin
John Paddison
Joseph Tumolo
2010 - 2011 Karina Daza
Stephen Federowicz
Christopher Jackson
Jacqueline Tralies
2009 - 2010 Kimberley Hawkey
Alycia Kravitz
Taylor Levesque
Christopher Schnelelr
Jacqueline Tralies

2008 - 2009 Sean Burke
Kimberley Hawkey
Colin Kemper
Kristina Lessard
2007 – 2008 Kaitlin Davis
Lystria Hurley
Jennifer Schutten
Eileen Tynan
2006 – 2007 Heidi Dougherty
Deanna Howes
Lystria Hurley
Amber Hurst-Martin
Meghan Morrissey

2005 – 2006 Dan Bartfield
Brendan Coffey
Deanna Howes
Joseph Nolin
Arun Ravindranath

2004 – 2005 Annie Hollands
Stephanie Lanuto
Mark Metivier
Joseph Nolin

2003 – 2004 Dan Bartfield
Philip Bednarczyk
Nadine Dillon
Annie Hollands

The Student Performance Competition

The Student Performance Competition is held each spring and is open to all Fordham undergraduates. The winner performs with the Bronx Arts Ensemble.

Winners of "Student Performance Competition" have been:

2013 Jae Hyeok Lee, Piano
2012 Dan Snyder, Piano
2011 Madeleine Rivera, Voice
2010 ChristopherSchneller, Piano
2009 Christopher Schneller, Piano
2008 Eileen Tynan, Voice
2007 Joseph Nolin, Voice
2006 Amber Hurst-Martin, Voice
2005 Brianne Keefe, Voice
Arun Ravindranath, Violin
2004 Dan Bartfield, Viola
2002 Jeff Dobrydney, Trumpet
Luke Ascoli, Trumpet
2001 John Stufano, piano
2000 Christina Ramonetti, Vocal
Christopher Ro, Piano
1999 Christian Kolarz, Violin

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