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Image from Thomas Baxter, An illustration of the Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman costume (London: H. Setchel & Son, 1814). Courtesy of the New York Public Library.
Art & Architecture Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach division of Art, Prints and Photographs, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations

Music Courses & Schedules

Rose Hill, Spring 2015

Every semester the department offers a number of sections of the Music History Introduction course (MUSC 1100) and the Opera: An Introduction course (MUSC 1101), both of which satisfy the fine arts core requirement. Check for days and times.

Upper level courses are listed below.

Course Number Title Professor Attributes Days Time Credits
 MUSC 2060
  CRN 24919
 Sacred Sounds Across Time and   Cultures Bianchi    MR  11:30-12:45 4
 MUSC 2140
  CRN 11615
 Basic Keyboard  Bianchi    MR  2:30-3:45  3
 MUSC 2141
  CRN 11616
 Piano Lab  Bianchi    M  4:00-4:50  1
 MUSC 2234
  CRN 25323
Jazz Composition & Arranging Lincoln-Decusatis   TF 10:00-11:15 4
 MUSC 3110
  CRN 24920
Music Before 1600 Bianchi Medieval Studies MR 10:00-11:15 4
 MUSC 3123
  CRN 24922
Music in the Romantic Century Stempel   MR 11:30-12:45 4

Course Descriptions


MUSC 2060 – Sacred Sounds Across Time and Cultures (4 credits)

Music is central to devotional practice in many religions. This course explores the connections between music and spirituality. We will examine musical practices spanning from the Middle Ages to the present within varying religious traditions including Judaism, Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant), Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


MUSC 2140 – Basic Keyboard (3 credits)

An intensive hands-on course for the acquisition of basic keyboard skills and the techniques of ear-training, sight-singing and musical dictation. No prior background is assumed.


MUSC 2141 – Piano Lab (1 credits)

Usually in conjunction with the Basic Keyboard course, this practical lab will focus on applying ear-training skills to the piano, learning to play melodies on the keyboard and using chords to provide basic accompaniment to specific melodies.


MUSC 2234 – Jazz Composition & Arranging (4 credits)

This class will focus on becoming skilled with typical jazz rhythms and harmonies, and becoming facile with the instruments and voices used in a jazz ensemble. Students will practice skills throughout the semester by composing and critiquing original work.

MUSC 3110 – Music Before 1600 (4 credits)

This course spans 2,000 years from Pythagoras and Ancient Greek musical culture to the birth of a commercial music industry in Renaissance Italy.  We will examine carefully a number of musical worlds in order to extend our abilities as listeners, writers, analysts, and musicians.  We will combine a study of musical style and technique with discussions of mysticism, gender, sexual morality, science, economics (class, commerce, and colonialism), and art and architecture.

MUSC 3123 - Music in the Romantic Century (4 credits)
Most of our current behaviors and beliefs with respect to Western music were first shaped in the cultural discourse of the 19th century.  This course examines these as part of the interactions of 19th century music composition, performance, and criticism with the major social, intellectual, and cultural movements of the age, focusing on the work of Beethoven, Rossini, Berlioz, Wagner, Verdi, Brahms, and Mussorgsky.





Lincoln Center, Spring 2015

Every semester, the department offers a number of sections of the Music History Introduction course (MUSC 1100) and the Opera: An Introduction course (MUSC 1101), both of which satisfy the fine arts core requirement. Check for days and times. Courses are listed below.

Course Number Title Professor Attributes Days Time Credits
 MUSC 1210
  CRN 22631
 Music for Dancers I Yaraman    MR  8:30-9:45 3
 MUSC 2048
  CRN 19757
 Worlds of Music  Yarman  EP3, Globalism  MR  2:30-3:45 4
 MUSC 2146
  CRN 24892
 Musicianship II:  Diatonic Harmony  Lincoln-Decusatis    TF  2:30-3:45  4
 MUSC 4000
  CRN 24893
Music and Nationalsim Galbart  EP3, ICC TF 11:30-12:45 4

Course Descriptions


MUSC 1210 – Music for Dancers I (3 credits)

This two-course sequence develops general knowledge of the major historical periods, styles and genres of western music, as well as familiarity with world music. It also provides critical tools to understand the basic components of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, tempo, dynamics, and instrumentation. To cultivate musicality, class taught, in part, through practical application: singing and rhythm exercises, elementary score reading etc. Open to B.F.A. students only.


MUSC 2048 – Worlds of Music (4 credits)

This course will take an approach based on the premise that to study music is to study people, community, history, religion, politics and dance, as well as to study musical styles, forms and instruments. This approach provides the student with an appreciation of the sound, power and meaning of music, as it exists within culture. Previously titled Worlds Of Music.


MUSC 2146 – Musicianship II: Diatonic Harmony (4 credits)

This course is a continuation of Musicianship I and studies the basic principles of tonal harmony: chord construction, progressions, and modulation. It focuses on the style of 18th century composers such as Handel or Mozart, but will draw upon contemporary styles as well. Written assignments and analyses.


MUSC 4000 – Music and Nationalism (4 credits)

Since modern nationalism first emerged in the eighteenth century, music has been used by nationalists in many ways to shape and to stand for their cultural and political claims. This interdisciplinary course will examine how music helped motivate the earliest interest in "folklore," and how "classical" and even recently "popular" music has drawn on these foundations. We will examine how historians, musicologists, folklorists, composers, sociologists and others have treated music in this context.


Projected Course Offerings:
Fall 2015 Rose Hill:

Music in the 20th Century (Stempel), Baroque Music: Between Ancients and Moderns (TBA), Intro to Jazz and Improvisation (Lincoln-Decusatis), Music Theory I (Ott)

Fall 2015 for Lincoln Center:
Music for Dancers II (Yaraman), Musicianship III (Ott)

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