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Dr. Jack Spalding

Art History & Music Faculty
Jack Spalding
Associate Professor

Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 447
Fordham University – Rose Hill Campus
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718-817-4892


Ph.D., Princeton

Area of Specialization


Courses Taught

Renaissance, Baroque Art, Honors Courses


Professor Jack Spalding, who teaches courses in Renaissance and Baroque Art, specializes in late sixteenth-century Florentine painting. His dissertation on Santi di Tito was published in the Garland Series of Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts and he is currently finishing a monograph on Santi's contemporary Alessandro Allori. His entry on Allori appeared in the Grove Dictionary of Art and he has published articles in Pantheon, Storia dell'arte, Master Drawings, Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Antichita Viva and The Record of the Princeton Art Museum on Santi, Allori, Girolamo Macchietti, Lodovico Cigoli, and Albrecht Altdorfer. He has received fellowships from the Fulbright Commission, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Kress Foundation and has delivered papers at the Detroit Institute of Arts, College Art Association, McGill University and Mount Holyoke College.

Selected Publications

Santi di Tito, London and New York, 1982.
"Alessandro Allori" Grove Dictionary of Art, 1996.
Storia dell'arte "Alessandro Allori's Altarpieces in S. Maria Novella" (1999); "Alessandro Allori's Christ in Limbo in S. Marco" (1997); 'Alessandro Allori's Historical Frescoes at Poggio a Caiano" (1987); "Santi di Tito and the Reform of Florentine Mannerism" (1983); "Observations on Santi di Tito's Resurrection" (1978).
Master Drawings "A Drawing by Santi di Tito for his lost Carmine Nativity" (1976); "The Sequence of Studies in the Uffizi for Cigoli's Martyrdom of St. Stephen" (1981).
Gazette des Beaux-Arts "Santi di Tito's Frescoes in SS. Annunziata" (1979); "Santi di Tito's Raphael and Tobias in S. Eustache" (1980).
Pantheon "Two Florentine Altarpieces by Girolamo Macchietti" (1984).
Antichita viva "Santi di Tito and the Studiolo of Francesco I" (1982).
Record of the Princeton Art Museum "Altdorfer's 'Crowning with Thorns' from the Fall and Redemption of Man" (1974).
19th and 20th Century French Drawings from the Princeton Art Museum, contributor (1972).
Catalogue of the Arkansas Arts Center,authored one-fourth of entries (1984).
"Art in Florence 1450-1789" Scribner's Encyclopedia of the Early Modern Era (2002).
Catalogue entries for portraits by Alessandro Allori in major four-volume full color paintings catalogue of 350 oldmaster paintings in the permanent collection of the Palladian country estate at Castledown House in Ireland.  One of sixty-eight authors selected by Jane Turner, the editor of the thirty-four volume Grove Dictionary of Art. (2003)


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