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Art History & Music Department

Art History Faculty – Spring 2014

Dr. Kathryn Heleniak, Professor
Office Hours:  on leave

Dr. Asato Ikeda, Visiting Assistant Chair
Office Hours:  Tues/Fri. 2:15-3:15; Mon. 9:00-11:00

Dr. Jo Anna Isaak,
John L. Marion Chair in Art History
Office Hours: 
Dr. Susanna McFadden,
Assistant Professor
Office Hours

Dr. Barbara E. Mundy,
Associate Professor
Office Hours:  Wed. 11:30-2:00; Thurs. 1:00-2:30 and by appointment
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Dr. Nina Rowe,
Chair and Associate Professor
Office Hours: 

Dr. Maria Ruvoldt, Associate
Office Hours:

Dr. Jack Spalding,
Associate Professor
Office Hours: 

Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S. J., Assistant Professor
Office Hours: 

Music Faculty – Spring 2014

Dr. Eric Bianchi, Assistant Professor
Office Hours:  Mon./Thurs. 1:30-1:00;and by appointment

Dr. Matthew Gelbart, Assistant Professor
Office Hours:  Tues. 1:00-4:00; Thurs. 1:00-1:30; and by appointment

Dr. Daniel Ott, Associate Chair and Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition
Office HoursRose Hill:  ; Lincoln Center:

Dr. Larry Stempel,
Professor of Music
Office Hours: 

Dr. Sevin H. Yaraman,
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office Hours:  TBA

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