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Rev. James Boyce, O. Carm.

Rev. James Boyce, O. Carm.
Professor of Music

In Memoriam

James Boyce, O. Carm (1949 - 2010) joined the Fordham faculty in 1997.  He was first and foremost a Carmelite, ordained in 1977, deeply attached to his order and to service in his community.  It was an attachment that also inspired much of his musical scholarship.  He was a superb musical scholar, a medievalist whose publications plumbed archives around the globe for musical treasures (ones he uncovered by using his remarkable language skills and charm to convince sometimes reluctant librarians to open their precious collections to him).  He was a concert pianist who generously performed here for his Fordham family, among other venues; he was an inspired teacher devoted to his students.  He was a kind and warm-hearted colleague who displayed his intelligence, diplomacy and enormous sense of responsibility in all of his dealings with the department and in the many committees he served in the University.

Such a tribute makes Jim sound so incredibly serious, productive, accomplished and admirable--all of which is accurate--but of course, it omits his most memorable qualities:  his amazing sense of humor, his infectious laugh, his enthusiasm and optimism in the face of all of life's small and large challenges--including his battle with pancreatic cancer, which took his life on February 21, 2010.  He is missed by his colleagues, friends, and students at the University.

Selected Publications

Boyce, James, O. Carm. Carmelite Liturgy and Spiritual Identity: The Choir Books of Kraków. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2008.

Boyce, James, O. Carm.
"The Carmelite Choirbooks of Kraków: Carmelite Liturgy before and after the Council of Trent." Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae  45 (2004): 17-34.

Boyce, James, O.Carm. ed. Salamanca, Archivo de la Catedral, Mss. 5-8.  [facsimile reproduction],  Publications of Mediaeval Musical Manuscripts/ Veröffentlichungen mittelalterlicher Musikhandschriften   27/1-4. Ottawa, Canada: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 2002-2003.

Boyce, James, O. Carm. and William E. Coleman, eds. and trans.  Officium Presentationsis Beate Virginis marie in Templo, Office of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary...Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 65/5/Musicological studies 65/5. Ottawa, Canada: Institute of Medieval Music, 2001.

Boyce, James, O. Carm. Praising God in Carmel, Studies in Carmelite Liturgy. Washington, D.C.: The Carmelite Institute, 1999.


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