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Research Facilities - The Department has laboratories located in Larkin Hall on the Rose Hill campus and the Louis Calder Center in Armonk, NY.

Larkin Hall

Larkin Hall a 27,000 sq.ft. building, state-of-the-art facilities includes 16 modern laboratories and a central Animal Care Facility.  The laboratories are equipped for broad-based research employing modern technologies for research in cell and molecular biology, entomology, cytogenetics, ultrastructure, microbiology, and neurobiology.  Items of particular interest for graduate research include tissue culture facilities, fluorescense microscopes, confocal microscope, PCR instrucments, ultracentrifuges, fluorometer, high performance liquid chromatography equipment, liquid scintillation counters, video densitometer, DNA sequencing equipment, oligonucleotide synthesizer, electroporators, tranmission and scanning electron microscopes and X-ray film developer.

The Louis Calder Center

The department also maintains the Louis Calder Conservation and Ecology Study Center in Westchester County, which is used for research, teaching, and conferences.  The facility is comprised of 113 wooded acres, a 10-acre lake, wetlands, the Alan J. McCarthy Laboratory, complete analytical chemistry lab, microscopy lab, molecular ecology lab, greenhouse, animal facilities, library, and conference center.  Student housing is available for students interested in ecology.  Opportunities for research are also available at the nearby New York Botanical Garden and Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo).

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