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Recent Publications

Clark, J.A., J.C. Banks., & J.R. Waas. In press. Economical genotyping of little blue penguin (Eudyptula minor) clades from feather-based DNA. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 37: xx-xx.
Knafler, G.J., J.A. Clark, P.D. Boersma, & J.L. Bouzat. In press. MHC diversity and mate choice in the Magellanic penguin, Spheniscus magellanicus. Journal of Heredity.
Kane, O.J., M.M. Uhart, V. Rago, A.J. Pereda, J.R. Smith, A. Van Buren, J.A. Clark, & P.D. Boersma. 2012. Avian pox in Magellanic penguins. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48:790-794.
Clark, J.A., A. Haseley, G. Van Genderen, M. Hofling, & N. Clum. 2012. Increasing breeding behaviors in a captive colony of Northern Bald Ibis through conspecific acoustic enrichment. Zoo Biology 31:71-81.
Clark, J.A. & J. Leung. 2011. Vocal distinctiveness and information coding in a suboscine with multiple song types: Eastern Wood-Pewee. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123:835-840.
Macey, S. & J.A. Clark. 2011. Hudson/Housatonic Sub Unit Bog Turtle Nesting/Basking Habitat Monitoring Report. January 2011. Fordham University. 26 pp.
Clark, J.A. 2010. An Assessment of the UNEP Equator Initiative’s Internship Program: Supervisors. January 2010. Fordham University. 6 pp.
Clark, J.A. & B. Cerney. 2010. An Assessment of the UNEP Equator Initiative’s Internship Program. January 2010. Fordham University. 110 pp.
Higgins, A.D., S. Mitre, J.A. Clark, & B. Cerney. 2009. An Assessment of the UNEP Equator Initiative. December 2009. Fordham University. 59 pp.
Macey, S., Cure Dominguez, A., & J.A. Clark. 2009. Tracking 2009 Bog Turtle Locations at: [undisclosed locations] in New York. Final Report to the Environmental Defense Fund. December 2009. Fordham University. 86 pp.
Cure, A., S. Macey, & J.A. Clark. 2009. Tracking 2008 Bog Turtle Locations at: [undisclosed locations] in New York. Final Report to the Environmental Defense Fund. May 2009. Fordham University. 36 pp.
Clark, J.A., P.D. Boersma, & D.M. Olmsted. 2006. Name that tune: call discrimination and individual recognition in Magellanic penguins. Animal Behaviour 72:1141-1148.
Clark, J.A. & P.D. Boersma. 2006. Southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina kills Magellanic penguinsSpheniscus magellanicus on land. Marine Mammal Science 22:21-25.
Clark, J.A. & R.M. May. 2002. Taxonomic bias in conservation research. Science 297:191-192.
Clark, J.A., J.M. Hoekstra, P.D. Boersma, & P. Kareiva. 2002. Improving U.S. Endangered Species Act recovery plans: key findings and recommendations of the SCB recovery plan project. Conservation Biology 16:1510-1519.
Clark, J.A. & E. Harvey. 2002. Assessing multi-species recovery plans under the Endangered Species Act. Ecological Applications 12:655-662.
Hoekstra, J.M., J.A. Clark, P.D. Boersma, W.F. Fagan, & P. Kareiva. 2002. A comprehensive review of Endangered Species Act recovery plans. Ecological Applications 12:630-640.
Campbell, S.P., J.A. Clark, L. Crampton, A.D. Guerry, L.R. Hatch, P.R. Hosseini, J.J. Lawler, & R.J. O’Connor. 2002. An assessment of monitoring efforts in endangeredspecies recovery plans. Ecological Applications 12:674-681.
Boersma, P.D., P. Kareiva, W.F. Fagan, J.A. Clark, & J.M. Hoekstra. 2001. How good are endangered species recovery plans? BioScience 51:643.

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