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Center for Cancer, Genetic Diseases, and Gene Regulation (CCGDGR)
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and Goals

The mission of the CCGDGR is to promote education and research training programs to address pertinent topics in Cell and Molecular Biology. The goals of the Center include elucidating the molecular basis of certain diseases and developing treatments for them, understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling gene expression, signal transduction pathways, and cell differentiation in model lab systems.

Research Activities

  • Identifying oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes involved in the cancer state as well as testing possible treatments for the disease
  • Determining the molecular mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal gene regulation in development and in human diseases
  • Elucidating why a mutation results in a disease and testing possible treatments in model systems
  • Investigating signal transduction pathways



Dr. Edward Dubrovsky - Hormonal control of development, cancer genes
Dr. Silvia Finnemann -
Cell biology of the retina and retinal degeneration
DR. PATRICIO MENESES - Virology, cancer genes
Dr. Robert Ross - Neurobiology and neuroblastoma
Dr. Berish Rubin - Genetic diseases
Dr. William Thornhill - Neurobiology and ion channel disorders


Additional Scientists

Drs. Anderson, Bulloj, Doubravskaya, Dun, Ruggiero, Yoshihara, and Zhu

Outside Institution Interactions include

Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University School of Medicine,
and Weill Cornell School of Medicine.

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