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Collaborative Projects

French Hip Hop - A Voice for the Disenfranchised
A Collaboration between BAAHP and Tala Entertainment Services

Here is the remarkable video on French Hip Hop and French Racism produced by the Bronx African American History Project with the help of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Karima Zerrou of Tala Entertainment Services and Charlie Johnson of the Bronx African American History Project collaborated on the Production, and the interviews were conducted by Dr Mark Naison, Dr Jane Edward and Dr Benjamin Hayford.  This video was filmed at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, with the help of Museum program director Sergio Bessa. See the video here


The great Valerie Capers, BAAHP Interviewee, gives a lesson in
jazz history at the Harbor Restaurant. See the video
An opportunity for teachers to say what they think about the state of education, and to talk about their experiences and insights. Teachers in public schools are important and valuable. No on becomes a teacher to get rich. Let's show them some respect. Teach, teachers. View the blog here. See the video here

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