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Fall 2008 & Spring 2009

"Community Building Among Caribbean Immigrants in the Bronx"

"The South Bronx: The Crucible for Black/Latino Cultural Exchange"

"Civil Rights Activism in the Bronx"

"Gangway Beatz Berlin Project, Charlie Hustle and Danny Martinez"

"Women in Bronx Hip-Hop"
Panel on women in Bronx hip-hop, featuring members of the Mercedes Ladies.

"Jazz in the Bronx"
Panel on jazz music in the Bronx, featuring professors Maxine Gordon, Valerie Capers and Jimmy Owens.

"African Immigrants in the Bronx"

"Cuban Roots/Bronx Stories," 9/25/08.
Screening & discussion with filmmaker Pam Sporn. Join us for a moving narrative documenting Afro-Cuban immigrant experiences in the South Bronx.

"La Bruja: A Witch from the Bronx," 10/9/08.
Screening & discussion with filmmaker Felix Rodriguez & performance artist/hip hop MC, La Bruja. View the compelling story of La Bruja's struggle to gain recognition in the music industry while raising a family in the Bronx.

"When Every Gym and Schoolyard Was Open," 10/23/08.
Roundtable discussion with Fordham historian Dr. Mark Naison and Bronx activists Howie Evans and Nathan Dukes.

"Akua Nuru" 2011.
Akua Nuru Performs at Fordham's Lincoln Center and Rosehill campuses.


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