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The Rat That Got Away

"Follows a boy of the  streets into a man of the  world."

-Greg Donaldson, author of  Zebratown
Bronx African American History  Project

The Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP)  is dedicated to uncovering the cultural,  political, economic, and religious histories of the more  than 500,000 people of African descent in the  Bronx.

The Rat that Got  Away 
A Bronx Memoir 
Allen Jones, with Mark  Naison

"An enlightening commentary about an African  American man who should have fallen  through the cracks given his early adult  experiences, but did not."-Alford A. Young Jr.,  University of Michigan

"The Rat that Got  Away is that most prized of literary finds: an original story. . . this book is  a shot  from way beyond the three point line that comes up  nothing but net."-William Jelani  Cobb, To the Break of Dawn A Freestyle on  the Hip Hop Aesthetic

". . . A story of triumph. It is must  reading for anyone with an interest in urban  studies."-Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.,  University at Buffalo, The State University of New  York
"A startling book . . . the most amazing story is  how family and community saved his  life."-Peter Derrick, Bronx Historical  Society

224  pages
978-0-8232-3102-7, Cloth, $29.95
September  2009


Allen  Jones, born in the Bronx, is a  manager for foreign currency exchange at Dexia Banque  Internationale at  Luxembourg.

Mark Naison  is Professor of African-American Studies  and History at Fordham University, where he also directs  the Bronx African-American History Project. He is the  author of three books including White Boy: A  Memoir.

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