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2008 Transcripts Archive

Transcripts Archives 2008

The Indeliable Mark
The Writer and a Catholic Childhood
9 December 2008
The temptations, excitements, satisfactions and angst of going from childhood memories to written text—readings and discussion with four distinguished writers who had Catholic childhoods.

Torture and American Culture
An Inquiry and Reflection
21 October 2008
What in U.S. culture predisposes us to torture or a tolerance for torture? What strengths and weaknesses have U.S. leadershipgroups (political, military, religious, medical, psychological, legal, etc.) exhibited in responding to the current controversies over torture? A panel discusses.

Sinners & Winners
How the Media are Covering Religion, Morality and the 2008 Campaign
16 September 2008
Has the coverage of religion enlightened or obscured major moral issues facing the nation, like war, abortion, poverty and torture, and helped voters size up the candidates? An extraordinary panel focuses on both the issues and how well the news media have been covering them.

Realms of Faith- Visions for Today?
Cosponsered With The Museum of Biblical Art
30 May 2008
In a two-day symposium co-sponsored by the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA) and the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture. Scholars from diverse perspectives will reconsider the connections between art, religion and culture in the Middle Ages while asserting the era’s relevance to the present day.

Catholic Writers on Hope
Where do you find Hope?
11 March 2008
Where do you find hope despite all the reasons for despondency across the world, the country, and within the Catholic Church? At this public forum, four outstanding writers address these questions.

The Wall on Stage
What Divides Israelis And Palestinians?
26 February 2008
Theatre can add a special dimension of humanity to the mix of politics, religion and culture that have often paralyzed the peace process. A distinguished panel discusses the issues explored in Twenty One Positions, a new play by Abdelfattah Abusrour, Lisa Schlesinger and MacArthur prize-winning playwright Naomi Wallace, with songs composed by Gina Leishman, and directed by OBIE Award-winning director Lisa Peterson.

Religion and the Race for the Presidency
The Kennedy Moment
16 January 2008
For almost 50 years, John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in September 1960 has been a key reference point for American debates about church-state relations and the place of religion in presidential campaigns. Apanel discusses.

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