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Summer Session 2 - Organic Chemistry II Lecture


 CHEM 2522-R21    




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Summer TENTATIVE OUTLINE of Course Topics

Misc. MECHANISM & SYNTHESIS practice problems arranged in the order the chapter topics will be covered.  NO solutions to these problems will be posted & you are encouraged to check your solutions with me.  Links to practice spectral problems are given below.

Carbon NMR problem set
[SOLUTIONS to carbon NMR problem set]

Practice spectral problems (IR, NMR, molec. formula)
[SOLUTIONS to practice spectral problems (IR, NMR, molec. formula)] 

MORE spectral practice problems (Here are a few more spectroscopy practice problems that I've dug out of my files.  They are only for practice - they will not be collected or graded; however, you are encouraged to try them all and present your solutions to me.
SOLUTIONS to "MORE spectral practice problems"

NB: solutions to questions from old exams w
ill not be provided; you are encouraged to try them and then check your answers with meAlso be aware that the order of lecture topics (and course content) changes from year to year, so the question topics on a past exam might not coincide with the question topics on the corresponding exam for this year.

Some old 1st exams

Some old 2nd exams

Some old 3rd exams 

Smith's "Organic Chemistry" Online Learning Center  This is a website provided by the publisher of your textbook.  Here you will find multiple choice quizzes for each chapter of FIRST EDITION of the textbook.  Just use the "Choose a Chapter" drop-down icon and then click on "Multiple Choice Quiz".  After you take the quiz you submit your answers and your quiz is "graded" - if you answered a question incorrectly the correct answer will be given.  NB: I took one of the quizzes and noticed an error in the chemical structure of the correct be aware that other errors may be present.

More multiple choice questions...
Some multiple choice quizzes developed by Prof. William Reusch of Michigan State University.

Even MORE multiple choice questions...
More multiple choice questions from the MSU website.

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