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Minor in Chemistry

Minor in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a minor in chemistry that provides students with a solid general chemistry background and an opportunity for more in-depth study of chemical subdisciplines that include organic, physical, analytical, inorganic and biochemistry.  Chemistry Minors get a strong basic foundation in modern chemical theory and practice that can augment or complement a major, and affords them sufficient background to engage in research projects with faculty mentors and fellow undergraduates.


·               General Chemistry I (CHEM 1321/1311) with lab (CHEM 1331)

·               General Chemistry II (CHEM 1322/1312) with lab (CHEM 1332)

·               Any four (4) CHEM lecture courses at or above the 2000 level
   (prerequisites and corequisites must be met)

·               Any two (2) CHEM laboratory courses
   (prerequisites and corequisites must be met

   See the complete list of CHEM courses available.






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