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Public Seminars

JMH 112 | Wednesday 4:00PM
Refreshments will be served in JMH 112 at 3:30PM

Fall 2013
Date Speaker Topic
September 11
Dr. Amy Balija
Dr. Peter Corfield
Dr. Shahrokh Saba

Fordham University
"Faculty Presentations Part I"
September 18
Dr. Paul Smith
Dr. John McMahon
Dr. Don Clarke

Fordham University
"Faculty Presentations Part II"
October 2
Dr. Jin Montclare

"Intelligent Polypeptide Materials"
October 9 Dr. Steven Graham

St. John's University
"If it's Worth Saying, it's Worth Writing down - Technology Tools and the Knowledge Transformation Approach in the Teaching of Organic Chemistry"
October 16 Prof. Elmer-Rico Mohica

Pace University
October 30 Ms. Ellen J. Crapster-Pregont

Columbia University/AMNH
"Manufacturing Elements and Building Planet Precursors: Nuclear Synthesis to the Chemistry of Chondrites"
November 6 Prof. George John

"Functional Materials - Biomass as A Platform for Molecular Design"

Special time: 3:30 pm in JMH
Refreshments served at 3:00 pm
November 20 Fordham University Summer Research Student Presentations

Spring 2014
Date Speaker Topic
January 29 Dr. Jason G. Polisar, WCC "Mechanistic Studies on the Reaction of Carboxylic Acids with Isonitriles: a Large Solvent Effect and Achieveing Product Selectivity:

February 5 TBA  
February 12 TBA  
February 26
March 5
Dr. Ranajeet Ghose
Department of Chemistry
 "Regulation of Tyrosine Kinase Signaling in Bacteria"
April 2 Fordham Chem Researchers Undergraduate Research Presentations
April 30

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