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Undergraduate Research (CHEM 3031/32, 4031/32 and 2999)


Seminar & Research: CHEM 3031/32, 4031/32 and 2999

CHEM 3031
(fall) and CHEM 3032 (spring) - Required for all Junior chemistry majors
CHEM 4031 (fall) and CHEM 4032 (spring) - Required for all Senior chemistry majors

During the academic year, Junior and Senior chemistry majors are required to work with a faculty mentor on one of their ongoing research projects, and they must attend all departmental seminars (Wednesdays, 3:30-5 PM) during which speakers from other institutions present 40-50 minute talks about their scholarly work or personal careers.  Although faculty-mentored research and attendance at seminars is not required for Sophomore chemistry majors it is recommended.

A continually updated list of seminars for the academic year is posted on the department website.  Hard copies of the schedule are also displayed on bulletin boards located on the 1st and 6th floors of JMH.

PLEASE remember to register for Seminar & Research each semester during your Junior & Senior years or it will not appear on your transcript and you will experience problems being cleared for graduation on DegreeWorks.


You are required to join the research group of a chemistry dept. faculty member by no later than Fri., 10/3/2014.  In September, several dept. faculty members will make short presentations in JMH 112 on their research.  A list of chemistry dept. faculty members with links to their personal webpages is posted on the dept. website.

    Proceed to find a research mentor as indicated below.
  • FIRST, make appointments to speak with faculty members about their research; some professors have full research groups so first ask if they are taking on new students before making an appointment - current Sophomores going into their Junior year (rising Juniors) are encouraged to begin speaking with potential research mentors before the fall semester begins.
  • as soon as you have joined a research group, and no later than Mon., 10/3, send an email to the dept. secretary ( with a cc to the dept. Assoc. Chair AND your research mentor stating the following info:
email subject line:  CHEM 3031 RESEARCH MENTOR
text in body of email: 
1. YOUR NAME       
2. YOUR FIDN       
3. NAME OF YOUR RESEARCH MENTOR                                                 
  • once we have received your email we will contact you with details about registering for the appropriate section of CHEM 3031 (all sections of CHEM 3031 will remain closed for web registration to prevent individuals registering without permission from the faculty mentor)
  • if you are a Sophomore enrolled in CHEM 2999 who is already part of a faculty member's research group, and will remain so, you can immediately email the dept. secretary (with a cc to the Assoc. Chair AND your research mentor) with the information requested above

You will continue in your current research group and can register yourself directly for the section of CHEM 4031 that lists your mentor as instructor.

While participation in faculty-directed research by Sophomores is not required, it is permitted and encouraged.  Please be aware that Juniors and Seniors will be given priority for admittance to faculty research groups.

If you are a Sophomore who has made arrangements to be mentored in research by a chemistry dept. faculty member please have YOUR RESEARCH MENTOR inform the dept. Assoc. Chair so that you can be enrolled in the appropriate section of CHEM 2999 (SOPHOMORE SEMINAR & RESEARCH).  All sections of CHEM 2999 will remain closed for web registration to prevent individuals registering without permission from the faculty mentor.


Resources for undergraduate research at Fordham: Funding Available for Research & ways to present Your Results

Resources available to undergraduates conducting research at Fordham are described on Fordham's Undergraduate Research website:

Three types of grants to support research and research-related travel are available
  1. Undergraduate Research Grants: to support research during the academic year
  2. Summer Research Grant: to support research during the summer
  3. Travel Grants: to support students who present their research at a professional conference (applications accepted on a rolling basis)

Two ways to disseminate your research results are available
  1. The Undergraduate Research Symposium: undergraduates from all majors/programs present their original work through poster & oral presentations each spring semester
  2. The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal (FURJ; a student-run journal that publishes peer-reviewed, original research conducted by undergraduates in all disciplines
If you've not already done so, please take the time to visit Fordham's Undergraduate Research website for full details.  Consult with your research mentor for further advice and information.

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