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Courses for fall 2014


Classes begin at CUNY on August 28, at NYU on September 2, and at Fordham on Sep. 3.

CLAS 8853 Aristotle's Ethics and Politics CUNY Simpson Mon.
CLAS 8870 Commentaries and the Classical Tradition CUNY Yarrow Mon.
CLAS 8855 Greek Drama in Performance NYU Meineck Tues. 4:15
CLAS 8857 Euripides NYU Konstan Tues. 6:30
CLAS 8859 Roman Law NYU Peachin Wed. 4:15
CLAS 8861 Vergilian Geopoetics NYU Barchiesi Wed. 6:30
GREK 5211 Greek Prose Composition
[description below]
Fordham Lincoln Ctr. Rm. 404 Foster Thurs. 4:15
LATN 6471 Suetonius
[description below]
Fordham Lincoln Ctr.
Rm. 404
Penella Thurs. 6:30

Prof. Foster, Greek Prose Composition - This course will develop students' command of the structure and style of classical Greek prose through select readings of ancient literary criticism, formal stylistic analyses of select classical authors and a series of composition exercises of increasing complexity.  By becoming familiar with ancient critical norms, applying them to exemplary authors and texts while composing Greek in a variety of styles, students will develop a greater appreciation of Greek prose style and stylistics. The instructor will assess student learning by a systematic review and critique of students' stylistic analyses and written compositions and the oral presentations associated with the submission of their written work.

Prof. Penella, Suetonius - Select Latin readings in Suetonius's Lives of the Caesars (as well as in his biographies of Roman grammarians and rhetors).  What is not read in Latin will be read in English.  The course will focus on the structure and the preoccupations of the Suetonian imperial biography and on the "typology" of first-century emperors.  Students will hopefully leave the course with an appreciation of the Lives both as historical source and as literature.  There will be outside readings in the scholarship and short class reports as well as a course paper.

Courses for spring 2015


Classes begin at CUNY on January 28, at Fordham on January 12, and at NYU on January 26.

CLAS 8862 Thucydides CUNY Roberts Mon.
CLAS 8863 Hellenistic Hymns CUNY Clayman Mon.
CLAS 8830 War, Diplomacy, and Finance 323-30 BC NYU Monson Tues. 4:15
CLAS 8864 Polytheism(s) and Society in the Ancient World NYU Kowalzig Tues. 6:30
CLAS 8865 Roman Architecture CUNY Macaulay-Lewis Wed. 4:15
CLAS 8866 Plato, Symposium and Phaedrus
[see description below]
CUNY Sider Wed. 6:30
LATN 6332 Lucretius Fordham Lincoln Ctr. Rm. 404 Landrey Thurs. 4:15
LATN 5211 Latin Prose Composition
[see description below]
Fordham Lincoln Ctr.
Rm. 404
McGowan Thurs. 6:30

Prof. Sider, Plato - The two dialogues to be read in Greek are both about love.  They will be read for their literary selves, but also put into a wider Platonic context.  Buy Dover's Symposium (from ABEBooks) and Yunis's Phaedrus (ISBN 9780521612593).  If you cannot find Dover's edition, buy Bury's (from ABEBooks).  For the first day, please read Plato's Lysis in English.

Prof. McGowan, Latin Prose Composition - This course offers an introduction to composition in Latin and a survey of prose styles from Cato the Elder to the Vulgate.  Each week we will tackle a different genus scribendi and review individual points of syntax and stylistics via practice exercises and free composition.  It is hoped that by the end of the course students will have gained a deeper knowledge of Latin sentence structure and idiom and a greater appreciation for a broad range of prose styles in Latin.  There will be weekly assignments (pensa) that will include sentences for translation and free composition.  There will also be weekly reading assignments from E. C. Woodcock's A New Latin Syntax and from other scholars analyzing a particular author's style.  The scholarly essays will provide the background for the brief report (breviarium, ca. 15 mins.) that every student will be asked to do at least once over the course of the semester.  In addition, each week we will read select passages from D. A. Russell's Anthology of Latin Prose (Oxford).

Courses for summer session 2015

LATN 5090 Latin for Reading   Sogno   Session I, May 26-June25, Lincoln Center Campus, Mon. and Wed. 6-9 PM

LATN 5093 Ecclesiastical Latin   Clark   Session II, June 30-August 4, Rose Hill Campus, Mon. and Wed. 6-9 PM

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