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Classical Civilization Major (HEGIS code 1504) and Minor:

Classical Civilization Major and Minor:

The classical civilization major consists of ten courses, two in ancient history, two in ancient literature in translation, one in ancient art/archaeology, and one in ancient philosophy/religion.  In addition, three more courses will be taken in any of these areas or in pre-approved related areas.  In senior year, the student takes the four-credit "Classical Civilization Paper," in which he or she writes a researched paper under the direction of a faculty member.  This major is in English, but some substitutions of courses in Greek or Latin are allowed.

A minor in classical civilization conists of six courses: two ancient history courses, two courses in ancient literature in translation, and two departmental or departmentally approved courses in anything except first-year Greek or Latin.
Classics courses taken to fulfill the Fordham College core area requirement in history or the core enrichment requirement in literature or global awareness or the senior values seminar may be counted toward the major or minor in classical civilization.

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