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Edward A. Walsh

Everyone Admires Walsh
Very few men leave footsteps in the sands of time. Most are content to be born, to live and to die without casting an impact during their life on earth.

Edward Anthony Walsh, fortunately, is not such a man. True, his vital statistics say that he was born on August 8, 1900 in Newport, Rhode Island, an event that caused not a ripple in the annum when the Twentieth Century burst upon the world and showered it with a thousand dreams for the future. His father, John Walsh, was a gardener on the Auchincloss estate, "a quiet fellow, a good father and man." His mother, Margaret Shea Walsh, was an ardent reader and one who filled her home with congeniality and a warm family spirit.

John and Margaret Walsh brought ten children into the world and four survive today. The parents died when Ed was still in high school and the rest of his upbringing was entrusted to his uncle, Michael F. Shea. If a calling to the written word had a true beginning with Ed Walsh, then Mike Shea must be held, in part, responsible. When not working in Newport's post office, he spent a good deal of his time writing poems for the local paper and gained a comfortable reputation as a laureate. Mike Shea died in the early 1930's after having the satisfaction of seeing his nephew well established as one of the city's most popular newspapermen.

Ed's older brother Michael recalls that his uncle was an avid reader and "quite a student, who, if he had the opportunity, and circumstances had prevailed, would have become a teacher.

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