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Edward A. Walsh

Thus established in a pattern that later would serve him well, EAW went about the business of growing up as normally as any youth of his era or any era, save the present where the taints of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and other of their ilk create a rather tortuous atmosphere.

He gained his elementary education at St Mary’s parochial school and graduated in the class of 1920 from Rogers High School where he managed the basketball team and was described as the "star centerfielder on the baseball team." During the summers, he swung a pick and shovel as a laborer on a state project that constructed Aquidneck Avenue, a connecting link from East Main Road to Newport Beach. Russell Twomey, who now owns a liquor store on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, is older than Ed but has some recollections about his baseball prowess.

"I can recall Ed from the days when we used to play baseball at the field in the basin. We used to catch fly balls and then fall in the mud."(Ed. Note: No Willie Mays, he.) Philadelphia and Villanova were the next to feel the Walsh influence. But alas, the poor Augustinians, did not offer EAW sufficient English courses and he deserted them after one semester for the Jesuits on City Line Avenue and St Joseph’s College. He deserted City Line Avenue too, but not the Jesuits and joined his brother Mike the following year at Holy Cross, an institution of higher education sitting atop a hill overlooking Worcester, Mass., and invariably demeaned by those under the Jesuitical influence of the New York province.

Ed Walsh left his mark at The Cross. One lasts even today whenever the newer sons of the Purple sing the "Varsity Song." They sing words composed by EAW. He also edited his class yearbook, The Purple Patcher, and was captain of the class basketball team.

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