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Edward A. Walsh

Ed joined the Newport News in 1932 and there began to flourish as the town’s best known citizen because his reputation for integrity and his skills as a reporter and writer had been established. He covered city hall and there was not a day when he would not visit every office, talk with everyone he met and finish with as complete a picture as was to be gathered about life in Newport.

Ed had great affection for the city and it reciprocated in kind. "Ed was a carefree bachelor who couldn’t walk down the street in Newport without being greeted," Russ Twomey recalls. His brother Mike draws another picture: "New York and the world are only magnifications of what Newport was for Ed. He studied all the variety of life and its peoples at Newport. Just as he knew city hall in Newport, from the janitors to the mayor, so he knows Fordham University from the cleaning lady in St Robert’s to the school president."

There are other observations, too, on EAW during these years.
From Emil Jemail, the News’ city editor now and when Ed joined the paper:
"Ed was the best all around reporter I ever have known. He could do everything exceptionally well, with accuracy and speed. He was complete in his knowledge and background as any editor could desire.

From Gardner Dunton, a former colleague and still a close friend:
"Ed Walsh was a great newspaperman, not only because he knew everyone, was well liked and had a nose for the news as well as the ability to write it, but because he could be trusted."

Cornelius C. Moore, Newport attorney and another close friend:

"No matter what his instructions were, Ed was always able to dominate whatever he wrote. He was a great writer because he was inherently sympathetic."
Billy Goode, 83, and one of Newport’s most famous mixologists:

"He is a good friend - nothing phony about him. He’s a real man."

Though the focal point of his interest lay in Newport, EAW made a few marks, elsewhere too. He wrote feature stories for such publications as the Christian Science Monitor, Boston Transcript, Boston Globe, New York Sun and Providence Journal and contributed his delicate touch for poetry to Grantland Rice’s nationally syndicated column, "The Sportlight," Boston Herald, Providence Journal and others.

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