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Edward A. Walsh

Ed left the News after the death of his sister in 1945 and stayed out of newspaper work for two years. In the interim, though, he served as secretary of the Newport Business and Secretarial School where he organized a course in public relations and helped in establishing other curricula in accordance with requirements for opening the school to veterans under the GI Bill of Rights. It was a tough job for the pupils were men whose last few years had been spent in anything but a quiet academic atmosphere.

It was during this time, too, that Ed finally acquired his master's degree from the Rhode Island School of Education, going to class in the evenings while a member of the staff of the Pawtucket Times. The academic life, though part-time, seemed to light a spark. It started with his giving an evening course in public relations at the college and a summer journalism course at Salve Regina College in Newport.

The reactions of his pupils, long after they left him, were similar to those of today.
"He had an interest in everyone he met and felt everybody was worthy of attention. Persons who were in Ed's class at the old New-port Business and Secretarial School still remember him," his brother Mike says.

"Ed's desire to teach always was in his mind," he went on, adding:

"By accident, his newspaper days in Newport gave him all kinds of experience so that when he came to New York he had every facet of life tucked away in him."

So it was, in 1949, Edward Anthony Walsh rejoined the Jesuit lay constabulary and came to Fordham. He was concerned mainly with journalism and public relations during his first years at Rose Hill in addition to taking a deep interest in The Ram, the College's weekly newspaper.

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