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Edward A. Walsh

Young men, some of whom knew nothing about newspaper work, learned much from him; others who had some knowledge gained even more. Both groups benefited in countless ways from mere exposure.

As during his reportorial days in Newport, Ed Walsh would not sit still. He opened Fordham's eyes to the role of mass communications in preparing students for professions in the media; he met and invited countless leaders in these fields to visit and talk at Fordham; he exposed Fordham and its Communication Arts Department to a myriad of publications, editors and conclaves where they would derive benefits not listed in a school catalogue; and he exposed the world to Fordham during his trips abroad, winning countless friends and admirers to the campus on Rose Hill.

Above all, he became a friend of those whom he taught.

There is not one who would not agree that Thomas Mann has crystallized Ed Walsh's career in his "Der Zauberberg:"

"A man lives not only his personal life, as an individual, but also, consciously or unconsciously, the life of his epoch and his contemporaries."

Ed Walsh often puts it another way:

"Let not thy heart be troubled."

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