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History of the Edward A. Walsh Digital Media Lab



The Edward A. Walsh Digital Media Lab was conceived in the early 1990’s as a  pedagogical response to the revolutionary changes that were beginning in publishing, education, media management, media production and finance. We believed that undergraduates—Communication and Media Studies students in particular—would soon live and work in a world transformed by new information technologies.


The Walsh facility was designed as a laboratory to teach the skills necessary for the evolving industries. Of greater importance, it was designed to model the digital, networked and wireless information environments, which have become the infrastructure of global finance, publishing, entertainment, education and politics. It was our hope that The Lab would help us prepare students for effective citizenship  and provide an education adequate to the tasks of shaping and administering the connected world they will inherit.


The Lab was designed and formally proposed in 1993 by the current director and jointly funded by departmental alumni and the University. It was named in memory of Edward A. Walsh, (1900—1973), a beloved faculty member of the Communication Department.


Construction began in 1996. Later that year, the facility was networked, furnished and partially equipped. Curricular design was begun by a number of faculty in 1996 and resulted in five new courses and a number of existing courses being restructured to take advantage of the facility. In the Fall of 1997, The Edward A. Walsh Digital Media Lab opened.


Over time, of course, the Lab has adapted to the rapid changes in technology and society that have happened since 1997. There can be little doubt that change will continue, driven by the often-surprising impact of new technologies in many aspects of our lives.  The staff of the Walsh Lab and the Departmental Faculty are committed to keeping pace with new media and the new worlds in which our students will live and work.

Welcome to the Edward A. Walsh Digital Media Lab!

Edward Wachtel,

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